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Model # STG-ABS42

APPLICATION: Model STG-ABS42 is especially well suited to counting Alpha & Beta emissions from air sampler filters.

The STG-ABS42 Alpha Beta Scintillation System combines Alpha and Beta Dual Scintillation Detector plus TM-2 drawer system for sample containment. In this detection system, the protective window and grill are deleted to enhance sensitivity to Alpha and low energy Beta radiation.

Stainless steel drawer and base plate for stability and easy cleaning.

The sensitivity of the STG-ABS42 to 5MeV Alphas is typically 80-85% of 2 Pi. Alpha Background can be less than one count per minute. Sample cavity optional 0.4" deep. Allows 2'' sample diameter x 3/16'' thick sample size.

Windowless operation, with light-tight housing and automatic HV. Cutoff when drawer is opened.
  • Dimensions: 5'' W x 10'' D x 10'' H.
  • Weight: 10 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 18 lbs.
STG-ABS44 Image

Figure 1: STG-ABS42

  Alpha Beta
Photomultiplier Tube:     2'' dia. 10-stage.  
Scintillator: ZnS(Ag). Plastic Scintillator, 0.02'' thick.
Plateau: 200 Volt long.
Slope: Less than 5% per 100V.  
Efficiency:   Greater than 75% of 2 Pi.     Cs137 75% pf 2 Pi.
Sr90Y90 100% of 2 Pi.
C14 is 24% of 2 Pi.
Tc99 is 35% of 2 Pi.

  • Recommended Electronics: Analyzer Scales, Ratemeter PRS-5, FS-5T.

  • Alpha Beta Dual Scintillation detector 4'' diameter. The 90 cm2 face of the probe allows shorter count times plus high sensitivity. Alpha background is in the order of several counts per hour.

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