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Now You Can:
  • Get Hundreds of Dollars Discounts
  • Clean Old and Unneed Equipment Off of Your Shelves
  • Help Health Physicists Overseas
  • Help our Health Physics Society
  • Support Radiation Safety Without Boarders

As you may have heard, the Health Physics Society has created the Radiation Safety Without Borders (RSWB) Program to supply face-to-face assistance to our fellow HP professionals around the world.

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In addition to our advice and training, these HP professionals are in need of more and better equipment.

Please help with this program! If you have any old or unneeded, equipment please donate it, according to the rules and conditions of the program, by sending it to Technical Associates.

Please Click on Link for Instructions and Forms for Donation.

If you have any questions or concerns please Contact Technical Associates. Thank you for your time and help. In helping those Health Physicists around the world we strive to make handling of radioactivity safe and useful for all.

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