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On-line instruments for monitoring Alpha, Beta, and Gamma radiation in water assets are now available.  Technical Associates offers the world’s only real time continuous monitoring water systems for utilities.

The NEXGEN-SSS, a continuous flow-through scintillation detection system for Alpha, Beta, and Gamma radiation; and the UNITECT with the radiation detection capabilities and chemical and biological sensors in one unit for water and wastewater utilities. 

The MEDA-5T is designed for continuous Gamma radiation monitoring. 

Built in options include: Alarms trigger if radiation levels exceed a preset threshold, data storage and retrieval, and easy integration into facility mainframe.

Air Monitors
Portable, Stack, & Table Top Models
High Capacity Air & Stack Monitors, CAM & BAM
30 Day Unattended Use Air & Stack Monitors, SAAM
Area Monitors
Chemical & Biological Security
Chromatography Systems
Clean Water (Resevoir Security)
Discrete Scalers, Analyzers & Ratemeters
Exit Monitors
Floor Monitors
Ground Water and Tritium Monitoring System
Hand & Shoe Monitors
Laboratory Analyzers
Laundry Monitors
Nuclear Power Plant Monitors
Package Monitors
Pipe Monitors
Planchet Counters
Pocket Micro-R Meters and Dosimeters
Portables & Survey Meters
Portable ION Chambers
Portal Monitors
Radon Monitors
Scintillation Well Counting & Detection Systems
Seaport Cargo Monitors
Shields and Sources
Specialized Instruments
Vehicle Monitors & Transit Monitors
Water & Liquid Effluent Monitors
Wipe Counters
X-Ray Monitors

Probes and Detectors "Probes & Detectors"

GM & Proportional Probes
GM Replacement Tubes
Ion Chamber Probes
Scintillation Probes Alpha &/or Beta
Scintillation Probes Gamma - Bismuth Germanate
Scintillation Probes Gamma - NaI(Tl)
Scintillation Probes Gamma - Plastic
Scintillation & Proportional Probes Neutrons



Please Check out our Homeland Security Page for infomation on specific instruments for Police, Coast Guard First Responders, Reservoir Safety, Customs, etc...

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